whose real name is Russell, is a humble and kind-hearted individual who earned the nickname “Bae-Poo” from his parents. He dreams of pursuing a career in chemistry and aspiring to develop new products in the future.

Bae-Poo faces difficulties in school due to ongoing humiliation from bullies, primarily Frankie and Myra. His struggles include dealing with a stuttering disorder, body size concerns, and an overbite resulting from prolonged thumb-sucking, all of which significantly affect his self-esteem. Bae-Poo’s large eyes seem to intensify in moments of fear, and he often experiences shaky or trembling hands, reflecting his emotional responses. He clings to his math book, ensuring it’s always nearby, providing him with a sense of security. At times, Frankie forcefully knocks his math book, causing papers to scatter across the hallway. 

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