Bullying vs. Teasing

The Difference

The term “teasing” refers to a comparatively enjoyable exchange between friends that isn’t meant to be hurtful. On the other hand, bullying is defined as hurtful comments or behaviors aimed at controlling or harming someone. 


Types of Bullying

  • Verbal bullying includes offensive name-calling, harmful-teasing, “Inappropriate sexual comments” or remarks based on their color, gender, or race.
  • Physical bullying  In this method of bullying, the target victims are physically weaker than the perpetrators. Some examples of this kind of bullying include pinching, shoving, kicking, hitting, slapping, and punching.
  • Social bullying In social bullying, someone’s relationship with others is harmed or destroyed through a variety of methods. It could be done through “leaving someone out on purpose”, using technology to make someone feel humiliated and damaged socially by reaching out to a large number of people at once.

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What is Bullying