Foundation Support: Combat Bullying & Boost Self-Esteem

Are you considering applying for Support at As Jenny Ran Foundation for a child aged 7-19 who is struggling with bullying and related self-esteem issues in a school environment? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide outlines the application process for the As Jenny Ran Foundation’s assistance, a pivotal resource for bullying support for children and fostering self-esteem in school children. For parents and guardians navigating these difficult waters, the Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and guidance.

Applying for Support: School Bullying & Self-Esteem

Learn how the Foundation extends its helping hand to children facing bullying and improved self-esteem in school settings.

The As Jenny Ran Foundation extends its helping hand to those most in need. If your child is facing ongoing bullying and showing signs of low self-esteem or related issues, you are encouraged to apply for support. The Foundation’s ability to help, while comprehensive, may have certain limitations, but they strive to offer various forms of assistance to those who qualify.

Application Guide: Addressing School Bullying & Self-Esteem

Applying to the Foundation is a structured process:

  • Annual Application to Different Categories: You have the opportunity to apply annually to two different categories, choosing one service from each to best meet your child’s needs, particularly in school settings.
  • Application Acceptance: When your child’s application is accepted, their program year starts on that day. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying

  •  Review: Start by reading the ‘Support Programs and Services Overview and Funding Allocations’ document for detailed information.
  • Choose: Select the categories that align with your child’s needs, focusing on overcoming bullying and enhancing self-esteem.
  • Explore: Research appropriate services in the chosen categories.
  • Outline: Prepare a letter outlining your child’s bullying challenges in school.
  • Complete: Download and fill out the application form.
    Submit: Email the completed form and the letter to the specified address. 

Post-Application: Foundation's Response

Once you submit your application, the Foundation reviews it against specific criteria, including the availability of funding. Eligibility is determined based on these factors. In cases of non-eligibility, reasons could include insufficient funding or verification issues. Regardless, all applicants receive a detailed response to ensure clarity and transparency.

For complete application details and program specifics, refer to the ‘Support Programs and Services Overview and Funding Allocations’ PDF.  Visit anti-bullying legislation to learn more about anti-bullying