Frankie: Your Number One High School Bully

Meet Frankie, a 10th-grade student at Lincoln High. His signature phrase is, ‘I promise to keep you on the run.’ With distinctive features such as short black hair and a noticeable mole on the lower right side of his face, he’s easily recognizable. You’ll often spot him wearing an earring in one ear, adding a touch of individuality to his appearance. At school, he’s a familiar sight, typically dressed in a blue shirt with a green backpack.

Frankie is known for engaging in bullying behavior, both within the school environment and when he’s with his friends. “I promise to keep you on the run,” he says,

However, beneath this tough exterior, away from school and his friends, he often daydreams about a life where he isn’t a bully.

In fact, he envisions how he could help bullied children like Bae-Poo, Reg, and Jada, even though he can’t express it to them or at school.