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As Jenny Ran
An Inspiring Story of How a True Survivor Overcame Bullying

Written by Jenny Gaines (Author), Amara Brown (Contributor)

How a True Survivor Overcame Bullying.

My birth name is Mae Genevieve Nunn. Family and friends nicknamed me Jenny. My maiden name changed to Gaines at the age of 27. Mae Nunn was the name I was called by my classmates throughout my school years, and even now by some. However, that name was associated with hurt. I hated the name Mae Nunn.

My family life was great, complete with lots of happy times. A father that always kept his family laughing by finding the “funny” in any situation. A dedicated and caring mother who sacrificed so much for her children’s welfare. The five best siblings a girl could ask for that would have done much more for me if they only knew how badly I was being picked on. At home, things were happy; I was the imaginative, yet sometimes frustrated Jenny–but outside my comforting shelter, I was known as ugly Mae Nunn.

What is my motivation to tell this story? And why now? Some years ago, at age 54, a man and woman entered my business together as they shopped. I noticed the man giving me a few glances, until we locked eyes and he smirked. “Do you remember me?” he asked. Puzzled, I replied, “No, I don’t think I do.” He grinned, “I used to steal your lunch money at school.” After exchanging a few words, I told him I didn’t remember and eventually, the couple left.

I’m a true believer in the words: “Your life is a story being told as it unfolds…” 

An Inspiring Story of How a True Survivor Overcame Bullying

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