Mission of As Jenny Ran

The mission of As Jenny Ran is to help rebuild children’s lives across the country broken by bullying, as well as provide support to children who require bullying behavior intervention.

This is how we do it

Through generous donations, we help families and children in four categories: 

  1. Self-esteem & confidence building. 
  2. Mental & emotional health.
  3. Basic medical care, and 
  4. Provide bullying behavior intervention to help change negative behaviors into positive.

It is our belief that children who receive help in these early years have a better chance of overcoming some of the damage caused by bullying, such as depression and anxiety that could persist into adulthood. Besides that, school violence and substance use may decrease. The goal is to see academic achievement and the capacity to be a productive adult increase.

Our goals

To restore one’s self-worth and make society free from bullying for children of all walks of life are some of our intent, as well as to rebuild lives and promote positive behavior among all.