Commonly known as ‘Reg’ among his family and friends, wears big, round, blue glasses that partially cover his face. He dislikes the shape of his mouth, his curly red hair, and the freckles across his cheeks, feeling ashamed of his appearance. Reg faces physical challenges due to foot and leg abnormalities, he has to wear a brace to walk. He has been naturally quiet since birth, but his quietness due to his brace and appearance intensifies as he grows older.

Ongoing medical problems led Reg to repeat the 10th grade, adding to his academic and emotional challenges. Reg struggles with undisclosed mental health issues that his parents have not yet discovered. These issues, combined with the ongoing bullying, have him often thinking about self-infliction. Due to numerous challenges at school and his medical problems, Reg believes his dream of pursuing a career as a special education teacher is unachievable.

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