As Jenny Ran™

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Dial 988 or visit  The National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, for support.

About As Jenny Ran

As Jenny Ran devoted to rebuilding children's lives

As Jenny Ran is a Tennessee-based nonprofit organization established in 2022 by Jenny Gaines to rebuild the lives of children and adolescents ages 7 – 19 who have been emotionally and physically broken down by bullying. In addition,  we provide bullying intervention materials to children that need to change their negative behavior into positive. 

As Jenny Ran believes that if a child receives help early, the road to recovery may be shorter. While it is possible, in some cases, it may be more difficult for the child to heal or for the bully to heal from the hurt they caused.

For change to happen, each of us has a role to play. Parents should know what’s happening at school and online. A parent-child relationship should be healthy with good involvement that also enhances academic performance. In order to change bullies’ behavior, it is important to intervene. Schools should provide an environment free of bullying behavior with anti-bullying policies. Bystanders are responsible for speaking up if they see something wrong. Using these principles, we believe the next generation’s quality of life will improve.

It is also our responsibility, we are pleased to say, to make a difference regardless of gender, race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or national or socioeconomic status.

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