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Dial 988 or visit  The National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, for support.

Bullying Behavior Intervention

Firstly, why Bullying Behavior Intervention? Bullies’ verbal, physical, cyber-bullying, and social actions allow them to control or harm their victims. Victims of bullying are at greater risk for depression, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and school drop out. Sometimes the aftermath can be long-lasting.

Due to the close relationship between bullying as well as “suicide-related behaviors,” a bully’s actions could cause a student to become a victim of suicide. The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide:

No doubt, bullying is a severe problem that affects many children as well as adolescents today. In some cases, bullies are students who seek to maintain their social status or someone bullied by another. It could also be someone who has experienced a stressful or traumatic situation or feels insecure. There are a few characteristics that identify them.

  • Actions taken by them that are not well thought out.
  • Often, they are unable to resolve problems.
  • They are frequently unprovoked.
  • They are hostile, forceful, violent, and threatening.
  • In most cases, they do not empathize or connect emotionally with them.

How can we help with 

Bullying Behavior Intervention?

Bullying behavior intervention help identify the reason for the negative behavior and work to change that behavior into positive behavior. As a matter of fact many schools implement anti-bullying policies and classroom rules that, in most cases, reduce school bullying.  .  

The As Jenny Ran: Foundation supports this cause, but we also want to play a role in helping change negative behavior. To accomplish this, we allocate funds into materials from professionals that assist in identifying the problem, addressing it, and developing a solution to change the negative behavior. We aim to package these materials and make them available to parents of children and adolescents to help with bullying intervention.

Moreover, we believe intervention can help change those aggressive, hostile behaviors. The person may see how their actions impact others and learn a new communication method. 

Services are expected to begin by early 2024 

 As Jenny Ran An Inspiring Story of How a True Survivor Overcame BULLYING!

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