Voices Against Bullying: Sharing Stories

Voices against bullying: Your voice against bullying can really help others who are having a hard time. Let’s all come together and speak out against bullying. When we share our stories, it can help heal us and make us stronger. Maybe your story could help someone else, so let’s all speak up together.

Connecting Through Stories:

Have you ever read someone’s story, like ‘ ‘As Jenny Ran’: An Inspiring Story of How a True Survivor Overcame Bullying!, and felt like you were going through the same thing? You’re not alone. Did you know that in most cases, moving from being bullied to feeling strong again often happens when we hear about others who have gone through similar experiences? Reading these stories might show you that you’re not alone in what you’re facing and that you can overcome it.

Voices Against Bullying: From Victim to Victor:

If you’ve overcome bullying, we encourage you to share your story with us. Likewise, if your journey of personal growth and positive change of being a former bully has changed you, your insights and experiences are valuable to us.

Being young and feeling scared is a universal experience, but your story of courage and resilience has the power to inspire hope in others facing similar challenges. Let’s continue to share our stories, support one another, and work together towards creating a more inclusive and kinder world.

My story was not easy for me to tell, but in doing so, I found strength and courage, hoping it would help someone else. Together, through our collective efforts, we can make a lasting difference in the fight against bullying.

National Bullying Prevention Center: Provides resources and support for bullying prevention.

Share Your Story and Inspire Others

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  • Your story should be no more than 750 words.
  • If you would like, you can include a photo of yourself.