In The News: Bullying & Suicide

2017 - 2023: Let's Stop This List from Growing

Putting an end to child suicide and bullying is crucial. We need to work together to ensure every kid is safe and happy. It means being nice to others, understanding their feelings, and talking openly. We can teach kids to be kind and accepting. We also have to watch out for signs that someone might be in trouble and be there to help. By working as a team, we can make a world where no kid feels alone or sad. Where their voices and their lives matter. Let’s stand together to stop bullying and sadness in kids’ lives. 

  1. Adriana Kuch, 14
  2. Parents speak out against bullying after 12-year-old son dies by suicide
  3. ‘My baby told me he was tired’: First-grader who killed himself may have been bullied to death, parents say
  4. 9-year-old died by suicide after he was bullied, mom says
  5. Kendrea Johnson  Died  December 27, 2014  Age at death 6 

If you wish to include your cherished ones in the list, please notify us at your earliest convenience. We your assistance in this regard.

“Every Child’s Life Matters: Let’s Cherish and Protect Them!”