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Date: 6/26/2023

How Involved Parents Contribute to Academic Success

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So How Do Involved Parents Contribute to Academic Success? As parents, it’s our job to help shape our children’s lives and be good examples. In this article, we will talk about how involved parents contribute to academic success and why we must be involved in their lives. 

Key behaviors for helping your kids do great in school

Being involved in your kid’s schooling dramatically impacts how well they do. It helps them to behave better and more respectfully, teaching them critical social skills. Kids whose parents stay involved in school demonstrate better attendance, behavior, grades, social skills, and adaptability to the school environment.


To understand how much it can affect student success, think about three critical behaviors that are more reliable than a family’s money or social position in predicting how well a student will do in school:

1. Should your kids have time and a place to learn?

When parents create a home where education and learning are a priority, it helps their children do better. This means they have a good place to study, have the time to review, and can come to their parents when they have questions. Parents who show they value learning can encourage their kids to love learning too, and they teach them that education is valuable by being good examples.

2. Voicing high, yet reasonable, expectations to do well

When parents have high expectations for how well their kids do in school and talk about it with them, it can motivate the kids to work hard and do their best. Parents need to set possible goals, not too easy or too hard. When parents believe in their children, help them, and offer support, it gives kids the tools they need to reach their full potential.

3. Staying involved with your kid’s time at school

Do whatever you can to attend your child’s school activities and develop a relationship with their teachers. But try not to take on the mindset that your child can do no wrong. It’s so easy as parents to think our kids are perfect. But when we do this, we can get in the way of their education. So be sure to build good relationships with teachers and practice open communication. Accept feedback from your child and their teachers, and work together to create action plans when needed. This collaboration between parents and educators will create a better learning environment for your child.

Parents can serve as powerful role models for their children. By showing characteristics like determination, discipline, and a strong work ethic, parents inspire their children to mimic these qualities, leading to better academic performance and overall personal growth.

Parents making a difference: How they help their kids succeed

Parents play a big part in how well their kids do in school. As moms and dads, we can influence how our children feel about education, ignite their love for learning, and help them believe in themselves Why Kids Need Positive Role Models in Their Life. By doing three critical things—creating a supportive home, having realistic expectations, and staying involved in their schooling— moms, and dads can positively impact their success, no matter how much money we have or where we stand in society. 

As we tackle the adventures of parenting, let’s remember our significant impact on our children’s lives. By getting involved in their education, we provide the guidance and incentive they need to excel at school and grow into well-adjusted adults. Let’s create a happy, loving, supportive environment where our kids can grow up to be adults that we’re super proud of.

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